Salumificio Leoni Srl

Experience, Taste & Passion

We are not many but a big team. We believe in the importance of tradition and craftsmanship we acquired from who came before. We think it is essential to continue experiencing to get the maximum result in taste. We are passionate with our work that is why each of Salumificio Leoni’s products is lovingly crafted.

Our History

Salumificio Leoni was started in 1960 as a small family-run factory founded by two extraordinary people, our grandparents! Experience, passion and resolution allowed them to create a good and genuine product. They handed down these values and we are proud to continue producing high quality and outstanding taste to this day.

Our Method

Our grandparents were used to say: “haste makes waste”. That is why we respect and keep intact the natural time of fresh meat’s ageing and of all the other processes. Each product is unique and cared all along the entire production processing.

The Right location

Our territory is long acknowledged as a jewel in the culinary tradition all over the world. The company is based in Bibbiano, at the foot of Reggio Emilia hills, the cradle of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, not far from Parma hills, the heart of Parma ham. That is why all our products have a unique taste!

The Excellence is Always Rewarded